Information on the Persona

FORTA is an easy-to-use online tool to be used by anyone - tested positive or not to Coronavirus for continuous symptom monitoring at scale.

The setting: Coronavirus called a pandemic

Coronavirus is a declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. It is spreading in many countries around the world at the same time. Governments are taking urgent and aggressive actions to change the course of the Corona outbreak. 

The problem: little is known about Coronavirus

The pandemic is affecting thousands of people and leading to casualties in death. The number of infected cases in need of care at heathcare facilites exceeds the provided resources provided, leading on one side to overwhelmed hospitals, or on the other side for patients of mild cases or low risk to be sent for self-isolation and treatment at home.

Little is still known about the virus. It is not clear what are the exact symptoms that the infected patients of mild cases or asymptomatic cases experience, why and how the virus impacts one age group more than the other, why children less than adults, etc.

FORTA: an online tool for health monitoring at scale

FORTA is an easy-to-use online tool to be used by anyone-tested positive or not to Coronavirus- for continuous symptom monitoring at scale. 

By using FORTA every day to report your symptoms and those of your relatives, you will help to then track at a very large scale (potentially for hundred thousands people) how the virus affects individuals, their close families, different age groups, larger communities, and then worldwide.

FORTA is supported by various healthcare institutions. The results delievered by FORTA with your individual contribution will be used by clinical researchers to understand more about the virus and actions to be taken.

How FORTA works?

You use a simple Web interface to do a quick health report for yourself and your close relatives (e.g. your family). If there is no change in symptoms the following day, the checkup is completed by 1 or 2 questions only. You may use FORTA at anytime, if symptoms have changed during the day for you or the relatives you are reporting.

Privacy is absolutely secured! FORTA is not asking or processing any personal information (such as name, id, etc.), which may be used to identify you or your relatives. The only personal data processed are age, gender, and city (via your IP).